Allowable Gear

Allowable Fishing Gear in Federal Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

Allowable Gear


Fishery Allowable Gear Types
Gulf of Mexico Red Drum FMP


No harvest or possession in the EEZ

Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish FMP

A. Snapper-Grouper reef fish longline/hook and line fishery

Longline, handline, bandit gear, rod and reel, buoy gear

B. Other commercial fishery

Spear, powerhead, cast net, trawl

C. Recreational fishery

Spear, powerhead, bandit gear, handline, rod and reel, cast net

Gulf of Mexico Shrimp FMP

A. Commercial fishery

Trawl, butterfly net, skimmer, cast net

B. Recreational fishery


Gulf of Mexico Coastal Migratory Pelagics FMP

A. Large pelagics longline fishery


B. King/Spanish mackerel gillnet fishery

Run-around Gillnet

C. Pelagic hook and line fishery

Bandit gear, handline, rod and reel

D. Pelagic species purse seine fishery

Purse seine

E. Recreational fishery

Bandit gear, handline, rod and reel, spear

Gulf of Mexico Spiny Lobster FMP

A. Commercial fishery

Trap, pot, dip net, bully net, hoop net, trawl, snare, hand harvest

B. Recreational fishery

Dip net, bully net, trap, pot, snare, hand harvest